Mechanic II

WILLINGBORO MUA   Willingboro, NJ   Full-time     Mechanic/Technician
Posted on July 13, 2022

Mechanic II (Electrical & Mechanical Services) Willingboro MUA

This position is responsible for repair and maintenance of all mechanical equipment. Analyze, troubleshoot, and repair all mechanical, pneumatic, and hydraulic systems including but not limited to pumps, drives, conveyors, centrifuges, incinerator systems, polymer systems, HVAC systems, emergency diesel systems, mechanical aerators, and etc. Layout plumbing system modifications and provide material lists. (PVC, copper, fiberglass, steel, ductile iron pipe, and other materials). Carry out extensive alignment procedures on pumps, motors, shafts, centrifuges, conveying equipment and other related equipment. Rebuild various pumps, such as centrifugal, gear, progressive cavity, turbine, and screw/lift pumps. Install all types of seals and bearings. Maintain heating and air conditioning equipment, including boiler operation and repair. Maintain pneumatic systems including but not limited to compressors, air driers, positioners, slide gates, loading and unloading mechanisms. Maintain and repair large sewage clarifier and aeration systems and equipment, including but not limited to rake arms, clarifier drives, aerator drives, gates, etc. Install new machine equipment and systems from start to finish using blueprints and available technical information. Must be able to read mechanical drawings. Weld all metals and fabricate systems from sheet metal to heavy steel. Use acetylene torch, plasma cutter, MIG, TIG, and stick welding systems and other equipment for use in fabrication. Work safely from step ladders, high extension ladders, and scaffolding, both overhead and in below grade areas. Work safely always by observing all safety rules and regulations while utilizing all available safety equipment. Comply with all provisions and requirements of the lockout /tag-out safety program prior to working on any potential energized device.

CANDIDATES SHALL POSSESS: HS diploma or GED. Minimum 5 years' experience in the mechanical trade with equipment like this facility. Forklift truck operation experience. Valid driver's license in good standing. Knowledge and use of precision tools such as micrometers, calipers, dial indicators, hydraulics, pneumatics, welding, and cutting. Possess plumbing and fabrication skills. Analytical and troubleshooting skills. Ability to read mechanical drawings and diagrams. Ability to work overtime and respond to trouble calls day, night, weekends, and holidays, on short notice. Ability to report to work during weather related conditions and emergencies. The Authority offers a competitive salary, NJ State health benefits, dental, vision, pension (PERS), and generous paid time off and holidays.

The WMUA is an Equal Opportunity Employer.